URGENT: Trucking Safety: Investigating the E6 and E10 Brake Valves

Trucking Safety: Investigating the E6 and E10 Brake Valves

by Aubrey Allen Smith

Serious accidents can occur when truck drivers experience a failure with the air brakes. Many drivers have been cited for failing to inspect the brakes properly and a large number of these accidents have been determined as a result of driver fatigue. But what if it had nothing to do with inspection or fatigue, but instead, a long over-looked problem with defective brake parts?

Untitled-1 copyThe NHTSA first began a recall of treadle valves in the 1970’s, with the most recent recall as early as August, 2012. Many believe that this is a serious safety issue that has virtually gone unreported for years and could be the actual cause for many accidents that are ultimately blamed on the driver.

Our guest, Allan Powell has over 30 years as a professional truck driver and is a consumer advocate for the prevention of truck accidents as he believes that many within the industry are unaware of the hidden dangers o ftreadle valve corrosion.

Also joining us is Rickey Gooch, managing partner of Legal Benefits Group, as we discuss the E6 and E10 treadle valves, how this potential hidden danger can affect the driver and carrier, why this issue is even a greater threat today and why no serious industry study is being done to investigate the problem.

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